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Welcome to visit,Tianjin KunFeng Pipe Co., Ltd. 

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Tianjin City Kun Feng Tube Industry Co., Ltd.

Tel: 022-68523115
Fax: 022-68523115
Add: Tianjin port high tech Foundry Industrial Zone



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Tianjin KunFeng Pipe Co., Ltd. (KF) was founded on April 21, 2000 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. Located in Bingang High-tech Casting Zone, KF mainly deals in: the manufacturing, sales and installation of PE gas pipes and pipe fittings, PE drinking water supply pipes and pipe fittings, PE-YT floor heating pipes and pipe fittings, PB pipes and pipe fittings, steel pipes, flange elbows, pipe fittings, low-pressure irrigation plastic pipes; cargo import and export, as well as technology import and export.

KF adopts advanced equipment imported from German Battenfeld and Cincinnati to produce different specifications of gas and water supply PE pipes and pipe fittings with a diameter ranging from 20mm to 1,200mm, which are of high quality and sell well around China. The company is equipped with a professional lab, has advanced experimental facilities, implements the ISO9001:2008 International Standard Management System, Environmentally Friendly Management System and occupational health safety system strictly throughout the entire production and operation process. All specifications of gas and water supply PE pipes and pipe fittings all have passed the national acceptance of “Special Equipment Manufacturing License” and obtained corresponding license certificates.
Our quality assurance is based on advanced production equipment. KF has introduced a series of precision instruments and equipment, carries raw material inspection, process inspection and storage inspection, and guarantees product quality with advanced inspection technology. Moreover, we use imported devices introduced from German Battenfeld and Cincinnati to produce products with a diameter ranging from 20mm to 1,200mm. KF uses state-of-the-art technology, first-class production equipment, and production lines to carry out sophisticated manufacturing, which brings superior quality and provides guarantee for product stability and reliability.
High product quality means reliability, productivity and economy for our users. Our leading technologies, advanced manufacturing methods, comprehensive quality management and also a high degree sense of responsibility performed by every employee during production all ensure that we cannot only reach these high quality standards but also can improve these standards stably. Relying on such a spirit and our core technology, we have created famous brand products belonging to ourselves and adapting to the market.
KF adheres to developing through innovation. Advanced technology, excellent quality and satisfactory service are the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Focusing on the business strategy of “Leading in Technology, Making the Most Cost-effective Products; Stable Development, Constantly Meeting Market and Customer Demands”, we grasp internal management for benefits and strive for market shares externally. So far, we have successively been rated as Quality and Credit Guarantee Model Unit and High-tech Enterprise by the National Light Industry Quality Management Center.
A capable and vigorous organization is an important basis for the rapid and sustainable development of the company. KF carries out the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of shareholders, and sets up an organizational chart composed of five departments and two offices. The organization is running orderly and efficiently.
Within the company, we adhere to: the realm of team spirit – cohesion; the foundation of team spirit – display personality. We always believe that team spirit is an invisible fortress; and team awareness is to be of one mind, unite together and work together; unity is strength.
Market is our living space; customer satisfaction is the source ensuring our endless life; and what customers need most is what we most want to provide. Our service is available throughout China; our value rises with the customer demands; and our satisfaction is from trust of customers.
Tianjin KunFeng Pipe Co., Ltd. adheres to technological innovation, winning by quality, strict management and sincere operation unremittingly. The persistence spirit of KF people – “Pursuit of Excellence, Customer First” will never change and always leads the future!